Dean McGinley
Dean McGinley
First appearance 9th September 2013
Last appearance 9th September 2013
Number of appearances 2
Played by Jordan Rosindale

Dean McGinley was a fellow pupil of Craig Tinker at Weatherfield High. In September 2013, Craig accused Dean and his friend Connor Hayton of bullying him, but this was a plan orchestrated by Karl Munro who needed Craig to make up an excuse as to why he was acting shiftily, to cover the fact that Craig thought he caused the fire at the Rovers Return Inn several months previously when it was Karl, the real arsonist, who needed to cover his tracks. Dean and Connor were wrongly suspended from school over the incident.

They tracked Craig down to Coronation Street and cornered him but Karl spotted them chasing Craig and came to "help". Karl was close to punching the two lads and had to be pulled off by Stella Price and Dev Alahan. After making a scene, the pair took off. Craig later confessed to making up the whole story.

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