Dean Pomfrey
Dean Pomfrey
Occupation Solicitor
First appearance 13th October 2003
Last appearance 12th March 2004
Number of appearances 5
Played by David Westbrook

Dean Pomfrey was a lawyer who worked for Mellor Broadbent Solicitors, alongside Maya Sharma. When Dev Alahan first caught sight of Maya in Roy's Rolls when she was visiting her clients, the Croppers, he was instantly attracted to her and made an appointment to see her on the pretext of a matter concerning a tenancy agreement. Maya neatly side-stepped the contrivance and, stating that she didn't deal with tenancy law, changed the appointment so that Dev saw the far less attractive Mr Pomfrey. Dev span out his appointment as much as he could, while all the time keeping an eye of Maya through the open office door. Making an excuse to go to the gents', he asked Maya for a date and when he was rebuffed, told Dean that he was leaving and wouldn't be making use of his firm again!

Dean got involved himself in the Croppers' affairs a few weeks later. Tracy Barlow had conned Roy into believing that he was the father of her unborn child and reached an agreement with him and Hayley to buy the baby for £20,000.00. They were worried that Tracy would renege on the deal and Hayley came up with the suggestion that Roy marry Tracy to give himself an extra claim over the baby and they would then get divorced when the deal was done. To circumvent Tracy getting hold of Roy's assets after the divorce, he signed them all over to Hayley before his wedding and Dean drew up the necessary paperwork. A few days later they found out from Maya (and this was confirmed by Dean) that it was unnecessary to have married Tracy to get rights over the child, that they would have to wait a year to divorce and that an annulment would lose Roy his parental rights.

The Croppers did gain custody of the baby when she was born but were hit by a double blow: Tracy regretted the move and took her child back and she revealed that Steve McDonald was the father, not Roy. The devastated Croppers visited Dean to see what their rights were and were told that they had none.

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