Debbie Allinson
Debbie Allinson
Occupation Chairwoman of the Allotments' Committee
Spouse(s) Trevor Allinson
First appearance 6th March 2015
Last appearance 20th March 2015
Number of appearances 2
Played by Di Botcher

Debbie Allinson was the chairwoman of the allotments' committee and the deciding vote in granting new applications. An allotment became available and Roy Cropper and Sharif Nazir found themselves in competition for it. The two men were each given an appointment for an interview by Debbie at her house one evening and they arrived at the same time, Roy being driven by Tyrone Dobbs. They caused some consternation when a neighbourhood watch lady opposite, Mrs Rogan, saw them outside the house and alerted Mr and Mrs Allinson. Debbie explained that they'd had seven "intrusions" during the past year and therefore Mrs Rogan was "trigger-hair" - she was not pleased when Roy corrected the phrase.

She interview Sharif first, who ingratiated himself by praising the pair of hanging baskets outside the house and he was duly granted the pitch. Sharif however was gracious enough to offer to share with Roy until another space became available. The division was not harmonious and Roy enquired about a neglected spot next to Sharif's. Debbie explained that that belonged to the recently deceased Mr Matthews and they were waiting for his widow to decide what to do with the pitch.

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