Debbie Eaton
Debbie Eaton
Occupation Florist
First appearance 31st March 2003
Number of appearances 1
Played by Jayne Tunnicliffe

Peter Barlow's marriage to Lucy Richards hit the rocks just a couple of days after their wedding in March 2003 when Lucy discovered that he was still seeing the other woman in his life (and his other fiancée) Shelley Unwin. Lucy threw Peter out of their flat. He begged her to take him back but she told him she was going away for a while to sort her head out and drove off with a packed bag. Tracy Preston suggested to Peter that as Lucy had her florist's business to run, she might come back to her shop quickly. Peter took up the suggestion and went there, only to be shocked when he found Debbie Eaton behind the counter. She told him that she had been employed by an agency and had no idea of Lucy's whereabouts. Lucy left the area for three months, only to return for the birth of her and Peter's son, Simon.

The character was portrayed by Jayne Tunnicliffe who returned to the programme in October 2004 as Cilla Brown's chavvy friend Yana Lumb, a role she played until July 2007.

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