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Debbie Oates

Debbie Oates is a playwright who has contributed 170 episodes of Coronation Street since 2002 including an episode co-written with Joe Turner and the live episode in 2015 to mark sixty years of ITV. She has also written for Robin Hood, Crusoe, Fat friends and Primeval. Her first work on television was for Brookside to which she contributed nine episodes. Radio work includes Dennis Ockerby on Ice and Pongo, Sadfish, Blackie and Sid while she has written over ten plays for the theatre including Angels and Amazons, Belly, Tagged Activ8, Score, Bengal Lilly and Weeds.

Episodes written by Debbie OatesEdit


2002 (2 episodes)

2003 (12 episodes)

2004 (15 episodes)

2005 (16 episodes)

2006 (13 episodes)

2007 (12 episodes)

2008 (11 episodes)

2009 (11 episodes)


2010 (12 episodes)

2011 (11 episodes)

2012 (12 episodes)

2013 (10 episodes)

2014 (11 episodes)

2015 (13 episodes)

2016 (8 episodes)

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