The Defence Barrister served Tyrone Dobbs during his trial in March 2013 on charges of ABH against his girlfriend Kirsty Soames. In truth, she had been the abuser of him for many months and had fabricated the allegation against him after she had discovered that his friendship with Fiz Stape, who he had gone to for a shoulder to cry on, had turned into an affair.

When he cross-examined prosecution witness Eileen Grimshaw, he forced an admission from her that the sounds she heard from 9 Coronation Street on 13th July 2012 might not have been Kirsty being assaulted, as was claimed, but instead it was her hurling objects in the house.

Kirsty was the main prosecution witness and under cross-examination the barrister found holes in her story about her fear of Tyrone and yet he countered that against her desire to accept his proposal of marriage. Kirsty stuck to her story, even though she was in sight of her mother, Alison Soames, who knew the truth about her daughter's actions. At the end of the day, the barrister tried to convince Tyrone that the jury had only heard one side of the story and they would change their mind once they had heard his evidence.

When Tyrone took the stand, he told the court the history of his relationship with Kirsty and how it had deteriorated when she lost her job with the police and that she had first assaulted him soon afterwards. One battering led to him going to hospital and the barrister presented the medical report to the Judge as evidence. When questioned, Tyrone admitted that he hadn't told people about the assaults as he felt ashamed to be a man who was being hit by a woman. He also revealed his fears as to what Kirsty would do to Ruby in her rages if he wasn't there to protect his daughter.

The defence witnesses were still being called when there was a dramatic interjection: Kirsty burst into the court with Ruby, admitting the truth of Tyrone's story and saying that she didn't trust herself not to hurt Ruby. The jury were asked to leave the court and Tyrone was put back in the cells while the CPS investigated the matter. The barrister told a waiting Fiz that he had no idea how things would pan out.

Once the case resumed, the crown dropped the case, the jury were discharged and Tyrone was free to go.

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