Delivery Man 8569
Delivery Man
First appearance 4th February 2015
Last appearance 25th January 2017
Number of appearances 2
Played by Steve Hester

The unnamed Delivery Man brought a consignment of 111 copies of Chicken Quarterly to The Kabin for vendor Norris Cole in February 2015. He had ordered one copy for Sharif Nazir who had recently taken up the hobby of chicken-keeping but Maddie Heath, tired of Norris's snotty comments and his bursting of Simon Barlow's football, had amended the order on Norris's iPad when his back was turned. Norris had just been extolling the benefits of his modern technology to Kevin Webster when the magazines were brought in and he ranted at the unfazed man that he should have questioned why such a large number of specialist magazines had been requested by a back street newsagent and resorted to the age-old threat to speak to the man's "superior" while Maddie looked on in amusement.

Just under two years later, in January 2017, he delivered a moses basket to Liz McDonald in the Rovers. She had ordered it pending the expected birth of a grandchild but the baby, Ruairi, had been stillborn two weeks before. Liz told the man that she had changed her mind and asked him to take the item back but he refused, saying he was only paid to deliver and asked her to sign the relevant docket.

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