Delivery Man 8044
Delivery Man
First appearance 21st January 2013
Last appearance 2nd December 2015
Number of appearances 3
Played by Patrick Lally

The Delivery Man worked for Cartwright Food Wholesalers and brought a consignment of 500 jars of olives to Nick's Bistro. Gail McIntyre had sent the order by e-mail but Lewis Archer, in a successful attempt to create a rift between Gail and her son, changed the order from “5” to “500” just before it was sent.

The delivery man refused to take the consignment back, telling a furious Nick Tilsley he’d done his job and that he should be more careful when he was doing his.

By December 2015 the delivery man was working for Emerson Food Wholesalers and still supplying orders for the bistro. Once more, there was a mix-up with the delivery as he produced a box whose contents were balsamic vinaigrette instead of the ordered balsamic vinegar. After a stressed Nick failed to contact his employee Steph Britton on his mobile phone, the delivery man felt the sharp end of Nick's tongue when he also revealed that had a consignment of pimento-stuffed olives on his order sheet, and as he began offloading the boxes, Nick instructed him to put it all back in his van.

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