Denise 1988
Occupation Personal driver
First appearance 22nd June 1988
Last appearance 27th June 1988
Number of appearances 2
Played by Angie Green

Denise was a personal driver who was hired by Mike Baldwin via an agency to chauffeur him around in his Jaguar when he was banned for twelve months due to drink driving. The sight of Mike's Jag outside Baldwin's Casuals caused a stir as the residents were aware of Mike's legal situation, none more so than Percy Sugden who made it his duty to catch Mike driving, as part of his new position as school crossing patrol officer. For maximum effect, Mike let everyone in the Rovers know he was about to embark on a business trip to Bradford, and Percy led a crowd outside as Mike went over to his car. At the same time, a taxi pulled up an attractive blonde Denise emerged to take the wheel of the Jag.

Denise appeared in the Street again a few days later to collect Mike for a visit to Bolton, presenting an unusual sight as she ventured into the Rovers.

Denise was a non-speaking part and uncredited part.

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