Dennis 2855 6
Occupation Coach driver
First appearance 10th August 1988
Last appearance 15th August 1988
Number of appearances 2
Played by Terry Cundall

Dennis was the driver of the coach hired by Don Brennan for the Coronation Street outing to Blackpool in August 1988. Alf Roberts met Dennis waiting by the coach when he drove to Blackpool to track down Audrey and Malcolm Reid. When the trip back was held up by four absentee passengers, Dennis assumed they were young people, but in fact it was pensioners Phyllis Pearce and Arnold Swift who ended up missing the coach due to their tardiness. Percy Sugden blamed Dennis for the couple being left behind, accusing the driver of setting off like a bat out of hell.

In Episode 2856 (15th August 1988), the character is only seen fleetingly in a view from outside the coach, his face obscured. Terry Cundall was still credited as appearing.

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