Dennis gaskell
Dennis Gaskell
Occupation Solicitor
First appearance 7th November 1990
Number of appearances 1
Played by Anthony Schaeffer

Dennis Gaskell was Deirdre Barlow's solicitor in 1990, representing her during the eventful period when she was separated from Ken.

When Ken forced his way into 1 Coronation Street to catch Phil Jennings there, believing (wrongly) that he'd spent the night with Deirdre, Deirdre consulted Dennis about taking out a court injunction against him. Dennis cautioned Deirdre against it, as by Deirdre's admission Ken was unlikely to harm her or Tracy physically and so they wouldn't have enough grounds to make Ken liable for arrest. As an alternative, Dennis suggested that he send Ken a letter warning him that they'd apply for a court order if he tried to get into the house without Deirdre's permission again. Tired of Ken's antics, Deirdre knew that the letter wouldn't make him desist but agreed to Dennis's proposal.

Two months before playing Dennis, Anthony Schaeffer appeared as Peter Blackstone, who was also Deirdre Barlow's solicitor. As the characters were given different names, they are treated here as separate people.

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