Denton was a drug dealer who acted almost as a wholesale supplier for Callum Logan and was one of the few people who the normally cocky dealer was afraid of. Callum had taken possession of a standard supply on the understanding that payment could be made three weeks hence but Denton brought the deadline forward without any notice and demanded the £20,000 immediately, using the help of his enforcer Pete to collect.

They collected Callum in a non-too gentle manner and took him to his flat where, with some force, they got him to confess that he had £2,000 cash immediately available under the bed in the spare room. What none of them knew was that Jason Grimshaw was concealed in there complete with a crowbar, wanting to exact his revenge on Callum for a beating he had received several weeks before. Knowing he was no match for the three men, he hid behind the door as Pete looked under the bed and then successfully in the wardrobe after Callum gabbled out an excuse that he had forgotten the true hiding place. Denton told Callum that he would count the money as interest on the original sum required but before he could object, Eileen Grimshaw rang her son on his mobile, giving his presence away. When Denton found out why he was there, he instructed Pete to let the two men at each other while they watched, saying it would be just like Gladiator. Only one missed punch was thrown when Tony Stewart burst into the flat to rescue his son, after busting the door down. He told Denton to let him and Jason go and they would say no more about what they had seen, otherwise things could get messy. Denton saw the sense in accepting the offer, much to Callum's annoyance, and Jason left a calling card of a punch to his jaw, telling him it wasn't over. Denton repeated the threat to Callum and left him alone with his cut mouth and broken door.