Detective Inspector Jordan was a policeman involved in the Alan Bradley case in late 1989.

Jordan was assigned to the case when Mavis Wilton reported Rita Fairclough missing, a few weeks later Alan Bradley had got off on a charge of attempting to murder her. Mavis feared that Alan had done away with Rita, blaming her for his troubles. Questioning Alan along with Det. Sgt. Crichton, Jordan failed to turn up any evidence against him, though they continued to hound him by searching his bedsit at 31 Redford Street and 7 Coronation Street, and dug up the building site in Coronation Street where he'd been working.

Rita was found safe but not entirely well shortly afterwards by Cyril Partridge, manager of The Strand Hotel in Blackpool. Her ordeal with Alan had caused her to have a breakdown and block the events of the last few years from her mind. An old friend of Alec Gilroy's, Cyril rang Alec to confirm that Rita was his act, as she claimed. Concerned for their friend, Alec and Bet Gilroy immediately went to Blackpool to confirm that she was at the hotel, but due to her present state of mind, Bet insisted on not calling the police. Upon returning to Weatherfield, Alec went against his wife's instructions and informed Crichton and Jordan, who were unimpressed with the delay as Rita had since gone missing again. The men followed up the case in Blackpool, but as there was no foul play involved, the case was turned over to the local police.

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