Det constable clark
Occupation Police detective
First appearance 28th September 1988
Number of appearances 1
Played by Will Tacey

The plain-clothed Detective Constable Clark interviewed Alec Gilroy as a follow-up to the statement he gave a PC after being mugged in Daisy Street in September 1988. As Alec's initial description hadn't given the police a lot to go on, Clark paid a visit to the Rovers to see if he'd remembered anything more that could help them find the attacker, however Alec had nothing to add to his original statement.

The tall, thin man projected a grave presence in the Rovers, ordering a neat tomato juice as it was the only thing he could drink with his health (remarking after downing the drink that it would "keep the pain at bay"), and coolly listing the crimes he had to deal with to Alec, including a man exposing himself on a motorway. Alec was somewhat unnerved by his manner, and inferred that Clark's visit was really about putting the fear up him if he was running an insurance fiddle. Alec put his cards firmly on the table, reminding Clark that he'd told the PC in his initial statement that the abnormally high sum in his stolen briefcase wasn't all pub takings, however even Bet wasn't sure she believed her conniving husband on this occasion.

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