DI Reynolds
Detective Inspector Reynolds
Occupation Police Detective Inspector
First appearance 8th November 1998
Last appearance 17th September 2000
Number of appearances 22
Played by Blair Plant
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Detective Sergeant Reynolds took charge of the police operation in Coronation Street in May 1999 when a deranged Greg Kelly held Sally Webster and daughters Rosie and Sophie hostage in No. 13 in a desperate attempt to extract more money from Mike Baldwin who he had been blackmailing for several weeks. Although Mike tried to keep the situation quiet, Kevin Webster found out that Kelly had his ex-wfe and daughters trapped and called the police. Roper tried to negotiate with Kelly by phone but when he ripped it from the wall socket, the girls screamed in fear, causing Roper to send the police crashing into the house. A scared and enraged Sally had completed the task of overpowering Kelly for them though when she took advantage of the distraction by smashing a chair over his head.

When he returned in March 2000 for the Tony Horrocks investigation, he had been promoted to Inspector.

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