Det Sgt Cross
Det Sgt Cross
Occupation Police Officer
First appearance 21st January 1981
Number of appearances 1
Played by Peter Postlethwaite

Det Sgt Cross was a CID Officer who called into the Rovers one day in January 1981 asking to see Fred Gee. He was out at the time so Cross waited in the snug for Fred until he returned. He told the incredulous Potman that he was investigating Gee Wizz Video Enterprises, a business of which Fred was a nominal director. The brains behind the business was Mike Baldwin's dubious father Frankie and although it was supposed to providing a service videoing weddings, Cross revealed to a staggered Fred that in fact it was being used to make pornographic films. Fred's cheque for the business proceeds from Frankie had bounced and he demanded Mike help him get his money back but Mike, although amused, refused to help him.

Alf Roberts had also invested in the business and Cross interviewed him as well. By April, the matter had been dropped and Frankie was able to return all of Fred and Alf's money, together with the profits which had accrued from the legal side of the business.

The part of Cross was played by future Oscar-nominated actor Peter "Pete" Postlethwaite

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