Det Sgt Simms
Occupation Police detective
First appearance 11th September 1972
Last appearance 13th September 1972
Number of appearances 2
Played by John Nightingale
For the 1980 character of the same name, see Det Sgt Simms (1980 character)

Detective Sergeant Simms was a curly-haired policeman who worked on the Jason Lomax baby kidnap case in September 1972, along with Det. Insp. Patterson and Sgt. Conway. Two days after Jason was snatched in his pram from outside the Rovers, Simms submitted to Patterson a pair of cream-coloured baby mittens which were found in a police search of the local area, which Patterson then showed to the baby's parents, Colin and Karen, however they did not belong to Jason. Later that day, Simms followed up Margaret Beecham's story that she had kidnapped and buried Jason under some stones at a location given to the police, only to find nothing there. It transpired that Margaret was mentally ill and had convinced herself that she'd kidnapped Jason. Immediately afterwards, the pram was found on waste ground with an unharmed Jason still inside, though the culprit wasn't identified until January 1973 when Emily Bishop investigated the suspicious behaviour of Christine Peters, who was subsequently charged with the crime and put on probation.

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