Det Sgt Simms 1980
Det Sgt Simms
Occupation Police Officer
First appearance 24th December 1980
Number of appearances 1
Played by David Bradley
For the 1972 character of the same name, see Det Sgt Simms (1972 character)

Detective Sergeant Simms interviewed Emily Bishop in December 1980 when she reported Arnold Swain for marrying her bigamously.

Emily had been stunned to find that she was the victim of the deception several weeks before and initially had hid herself away from her friends and neighbours. Eventually she realised she had to come clean to them and did so to a wholly sympathetic response. Her next step was to follow the letter of the law and report Arnold to the police. She did so with great reluctance and after some persuasion from Len Fairclough who ran her to the station.

Simms was unsympathetic and abrupt with Emily, appearing sceptical about the visit from Mr. Emery of the insurance agent for the Industrial and General Insurance Company who had first made her aware of the existence of Margaret Swain. Emily lost her temper with him when he asked her if she was sure the insurance document she saw wasn't in her own name and she exploded that she wasn't a halfwit. Simms stayed calm and his words seemed to indicate that various other women had come forward in the past claiming bigamy, when nothing of the sort had occurred. Emily's spirited insistence seemed to convince Simms and he started to take down the details with a view to a proper investigation.

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