Det Sgt Taylor
Occupation Detective
First appearance 23rd October 1974
Last appearance 17th September 1975
Number of appearances 6
Played by Terry Scully

Taylor was a detective sergeant with the CID who crossed paths with the residents of Coronation Street on two occasions in the mid-1970s.

In October 1974, Taylor and Det. Constable Phillips responded to a tip-off that Billy Walker was holding stolen jackets from the Mark Brittain Warehouse in a van he was servicing at the Canal Garage. When the jackets were found, Billy was taken to the police station and questioned by Taylor, while Phillips investigated the circumstances of their theft from the warehouse storeroom. Billy claimed he didn't know the jackets were in the van, but the van's owner, Paul Meggitt, denied this, telling Taylor that the van was empty when he left it at the garage. Though Taylor suspected Paul's involvement, the evidence pointed towards Billy. Just before Billy was charged, warehouse storeman Fred Bolton told the police that Paul and Fred's son Tony and Paul Meggitt were the real guilty party, having previously lied to protect them.

Taylor next appeared on the scene when Len Fairclough told the police about Donna Parker conning Alf Roberts out of £500. Alf wasn't interested in pursuing the matter, believing that the incident had taught him a lesson, but the police opened a case anyway and traced Donna through the GPO. When questioned about the matter, Donna told the police that the money had been a gift from Alf. Due to Alf's reluctance to make a complaint, the matter was not pursued any further.

While Taylor was in the area investigating the Donna Parker case, Det Sgt Thornton was there to question Stan Ogden over recent burglaries at his window cleaning customers' houses. When Taylor knocked on No.5's, he was given a case by Minnie Caldwell, who had mistaken him for a member of the Salvation Army. The case contained goods stolen from the burgled houses by Eddie Yeats, Stan's assistant and Minnie's lodger. Eddie was subsequently charged with dishonest handling and spent nine months in jail.

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