Detective B
Detective B
Occupation Police detective
First appearance 18th May 2009
Last appearance 20th May 2009
Number of appearances 2
Played by Martin Walsh

Detective B and his colleague DC Weller arrived at 11 Coronation Street in May 2009 to question Colin Grimshaw in relation to the complaint made by Paula Carp that he abused her as a teenager. Falling pregnant at the age of fourteen, it was recently established that Paula's daughter Julie and Eileen Grimshaw were half-sisters.

Having discharged himself from Weatherfield General following a stroke, Colin was temporarily staying at No.11 until a suitable place in a care home could be found but Paula, angry with Eileen for allowing him to stay under her roof, assumed that she had forgiven what her father had done and reported the matter to the police.

When the officers came to the door, Eileen was adamant that her father was too sick to speak to them but under pressure, was forced to allow them to gain access. Once inside the property, the officers soon discovered that Colin had passed away and a Doctor was duly called.

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