Detective Constable Weston
Detective Constable Weston
Occupation Detective
First appearance 12th March 2000
Last appearance 15th March 2000
Number of appearances 3
Played by Carl Proctor

Detective Constable Weston led the initial investigation when a dead body was found in the grounds of the Medical Centre building site on Rosamund Street in March 2000.

Vinny Sorrell had found the body when he fell into the hole in which it was buried and Weston asked him to accompany him to the police station to give a routine statement about the event. Duggie Ferguson was leading the development on tender from the council and was displeased at the delays that the find caused but Weston informed him that the site needed to be closed for forensics. The investigation on the body showed that it was young male who had died from extensive head injuries within the previous year. The residents of the Street were questioned as to whether they had any idea who the man might be. Several weeks later Det Insp Reynolds, who had taken charge of the case, told Natalie Barnes that the body was that of her son, Tony Horrocks, who had been involved in drug dealing. Some months after that, local villain Jez Quigley confessed to Steve McDonald that he was the murderer.

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