Jones 1036
Detective Sergeant Jones
Occupation Police Detective Sergeant
First appearance 21st December 1970
Number of appearances 1
Played by Richard Steele

Detective Sergeant Jones was part of the police force in attendance during the siege of Coronation Street in December 1970 when an insane Joe Donelli held Minnie Caldwell hostage at gunpoint inside No. 5.

Detective Inspector Seabright was in charge of operations and he sealed off both ends of the street, front and back except for the Rovers, as his force and the US Military Police tried to talk Donelli out.

Stan Ogden heard of the ordeal that Donelli had put his daughter Irma Barlow through for several weeks after he had confessed to her that he had murdered army colleague Steve Tanner two years before. Hearing also that Minnie Caldwell was in danger, Stan saw red and tried to get to No. 5. Jones stopped him at the Corner Shop end of the street from going any further but Stan span him a tale of needing to take his tablets every two hours and he was already one hour overdue. Jones allowed him into No. 13 to get the fictional pills and Stan used the ruse to sneak out of the back and over the walls to the yard of No. 5 from where he made his way inside and substituted himself as Minnie's hostage.

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