Diana Black was the daughter of a regular customer of The Kabin who had just died. Norris Cole was smitten by her, much to Rita Sullivan's amusement. He offered his condolences on the death of her mother, said how much her regular order of Canine Weekly would be missed and offered any help or assistance he could at such a difficult time. Diana jumped at this offer and asked him to find a new home for her mother's Shih Tzu dog - Mr Woo. Rita decided to become the new owner herself and Norris got smartened up to take delivery, only to be disappointed when Diana left a message to say that she'd had to take the dog to the vet for a mild illness and that she was going to the theatre that night - with her husband. Nor did he get a much-anticipated chance to meet her again as the dog was delivered to Rita by Les Battersby's taxi a few days later, after leaving a deposited souvenir on the back seat, as the Blacks were going to Florida.