Diane Mellor
Diane Mellor
Residence Hale Barns
Spouse(s) Robin Mellor
First appearance 5th December 2014
Last appearance 7th December 2014
Number of appearances 3
Played by Julia Montgomery Brown

Diane Mellor visited Websters' Auto Centre in December 2014 to try and track down her sofa that her estranged husband Robin sold to Kevin Webster.

Diane told Kevin that Robin sold the sofa out of spite in their divorce and Kevin made up a lie that he sold it to a man named "Barney" in the Rovers. They went to the Rovers for a drink and to see if they could find "Barney". That evening, they went to Just Nick's with Kevin's ex-wife Sally and her partner Tim Metcalfe joining them, covering for the fact that Sally was now in possession of the sofa. The following day, Owen Armstrong told Diane that Kevin had given Sally a sofa before they met again at the bistro. After their meal, Diane insisted on visiting Sally and barged into 4 Coronation Street where she saw the sofa, and demanded it to be returned or threatened to sue.

List of appearancesEdit


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