Dickie Arnold (born 1918 in Sheffield, died 6th January 1990 in Leeds) appeared in four roles in Coronation Street.

He also appeared in the July 1988 episode Madame Pratt of the spin-off The Brothers McGregor.

Specialising in northern roles, he appeared for Granada in Brass and Foxy Lady and also had roles in Strangers, How We Used to Live, All Creatures Great and Small and Juliet Bravo and appeared on the big screen in Clockwise and Santa Claus, the Movie.

Prior to taking up acting, Arnold was a comic compere in clubs, particularly the Panama in London and then worked with his wife, Dorothy, for thirty years as the comedy duo “Dickie and Dotty” in which she wore nothing but a picture hat and a pair of high heels as he held strategically placed objects in front of her. Although meant to garner laughs, it did nothing of the sort in Dublin where the pair were arrested and charged with indecency, although the case was dismissed when Dickie made the judge laugh when giving his evidence.

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