Occupation Bar owner
Residence Cyprus
First appearance 28th October 2010
Last appearance 13th December 2010
Number of appearances 4
Played by Sal Fawzi

Dimitri was the owner of a bar in Ayia Napa who met abandoning mother Kylie Turner when she went on holiday there on the proceeds of money she stole from Roy's Rolls. She returned to Weatherfield after a week or so with the young man in tow, full of plans to move back to Cyprus with him and son Max. Devastated to be losing her nephew, Becky McDonald begged Kylie to leave Max with them and Kylie agreed but for a price - £20,000 in cash. The McDonalds came up with the money and Kylie and Dimitri left. One month later, Kylie was back, demanding another £5,000 which Becky stole from the destroyed Corner Shop and handed over to Kylie and Dimitri in a park.

Dimitri's short stay in England was enlivened when Jack Duckworth took advantage of his lack of linguistic capability to smack Michelle Connor's backside and blame it on the young Greek. While Jack looked on in feigned pursed-lipped shock, Michelle gave Dimitri the sharp end of her tongue for what she perceived to be his Mediterranean ways.

Dimitri was mentioned again in May 2011 as Kylie explained the reason why she sold Max.

List of appearancesEdit


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