Diner 8435
First appearance 28th July 2014
Number of appearances 1
Played by Annie Walker

The unnamed Diner was a customer at Nick's Bistro in July 2014 when most of the staff were absent and Steph Britton was rushed off her feet. She thought the lady and her friend wanted a table for two but they were in fact a party of twelve. She had just achieved her apparently modest target at a slimming club after two months and were out to celebrate in style. Steph put on her best happy face and rang Gail McIntyre in a panic, desperate for her help. It didn't materialise and the lady was complaining bitterly to Steph about the slow service when Nick Tilsley returned, already in a bad mood because of a failed marriage mediation session he had just undergone with Leanne and having had his car towed away. He brusquely told her he would get her food to her and when she replied that she'd like an apology he yelled back that he'd like to be on a beach drinking a beer but instead he was having to deal with her. The conversation ended when he ordered her to sit down and, at a loss for words, she meekly obeyed.

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