DJ 1979
Disc Jockey
First appearance 16th May 1979
Last appearance 3rd December 1979
Number of appearances 3
Played by Mike Boone

The unnamed Disc Jockey played at two events in Coronation Street in 1979. In May he worked at a “Grand Disco” at the Community Centre when he played, among others Ian Dury and Bryan Ferry.

He returned in November for the wedding reception of Brian and Gail Tilsley in the Rovers Select. Worried about the noise levels, Annie Walker told him about the “dear old gentleman” who lived next door who was “very frail” but the DJ told her not to worry as the make-up of the wedding party meant that he’d end up playing lots of golden oldies. Fred Gee admiringly called the smiling landlady a wicked women for her little deception. The selection of music the DJ played at the reception included Cat Stevens and Blondie.

List of appearancesEdit


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