Dj 3157
Disc Jockey
First appearance 7th December 1990
Number of appearances 1
Played by Al Rockwell

The Disc Jockey was hired to play music at the Ingram's Textiles Christmas party in 1990. Manager Mike Baldwin kicked off proceedings by ordering a large Scotch from the bar and signalling to the DJ to get started. Later, factory owner Jackie Ingram got the DJ to pause the music for her to give a speech thanking the staff for their service in a difficult year, singling out Mike for his dedication.

The DJ subsequently announced the raffle run by Ivy Brennan and called his "two favourite dancers" Mike Baldwin and Laura Collins up on stage to draw the winners, dubbing them "beauty and the beast" (leaving it to the audience to decide which was which). Mike declined the invitation, telling the DJ when asked if he carried the can that he should keep it to have something to put his rubbish in as he talked enough of it - a comment taken in good humour.

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