Disco Dave
Occupation Darts player
First appearance 2nd February 2009
Number of appearances 1
Played by Phil Taylor

Disco Dave was an alias used by a professional darts player and a member of the Flight Fandangoes darts team. Along with his team members including Chris, Dave took part in a tournament at the Rovers Return Inn in February 2009. Dave gained the best score out of all the darts players from the opposing team which consisted of Kirk Sutherland, Eddie Windass, Lloyd Mullaney, Bill Webster, Kevin Webster, and Ashley Peacock. Eddie, who was also posing as a professional, was exposed as a fraud when his rubbish throw was demonstrated. Dave and the other darts played chased him out of the pub.

Disco Dave was played by real-life professional darts player Phil Taylor. He was uncredited for his appearance.

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