Disgruntled Parent 2
Disgruntled Parent
First appearance 30th March 2015
Number of appearances 1
Played by Indra J. Adler

The unnamed Disgruntled Parent was annoyed when she attended a recorder recital at Bessie Street School and was unable to take a front row seats as Liz McDonald told her they were taken (by Steve McDonald and Michelle Connor who were late arriving) and had reserved them with hers and Tony Stewart's coats after a slight altercation with another parent a moment earlier. She told Liz that seat-saving had been banned the previous year and a letter had gone out to confirm the new policy but the argument was a mute one anyway as Steve and Michelle arrived at that point. She moved on to a seat next to Tracy Barlow who smilingly snapped at her that it was taken, this time for Ken Barlow who had broken down on his way there. The woman didn't trying arguing with her but moved on, muttering again about the letter that had gone out.

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