The unnamed hospital Doctor treated Leanne Battersby after she was knocked unconscious in a raid on the Rovers Return Inn by two Villains sent by Jez Quigley on the night of the Street's Millennium party in January 2000. She sent Leanne for a CT scan however her patient soon regained consciousness and suffered no long-term ill effects.

She was on duty again in the cardiac unit when Michael Rodwell was admitted in June 2015 following a collapse due to his hereditary heart condition. Trying to establish a reason for this occurrence, she asked an accompanying Eileen Grimshaw if Michael had been doing anything strenuous before his collapse. Eileen felt obligated to admit that they were being intimate at the time. Sensing Eileen's awkwardness, the doctor reassured her that any information given would be treated in the strictest confidence. Michael was once again admitted to the hospital in March 2016 after he fell down the stairs of Jason's Construction clutching his chest; following an altercation with builder Pat Phelan. Diagnosed with a twisted ankle and mild concussion, Michael once again suffered with pains when Phelan showed up with the Grimshaws at his hospital bedside. The doctor explained that Michael's chest pains were linked to stress and reminded Michael and his visitors of this fact.

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