Doctor (Cilla's cancer)
Occupation Oncologist
First appearance 27th November 2006
Last appearance 17th December 2006
Number of appearances 3
Played by Alex Caan

The unnamed Doctor was an oncologist who was in charge of Cilla Battersby-Brown's care after she had been diagnosed with skin cancer. Without informing family or friends, Cilla initially saw the doctor at the Clarence Clinic in November 2006 and was immediately told that the melanoma that had been removed was in fact malignant. The doctor explained that the next step was to establish how far the cancer had spread and she was booked into Weatherfield General for a sentinel node biopsy.

Cilla finally admitted the truth about having skin cancer to daughter Fiz who, along with the rest of the family, had assumed Cilla had been having an affair because of her strange behaviour over the previous few weeks. On the morning of the biopsy, Fiz accompanied her mother to hospital but came back to explain to Les and Chesney about Cilla's diagnosis.

Returning to hospital for the results of the biopsy in December, the doctor told a delighted Cilla that the cancer had not spread as the melanoma had been caught in time, although she would have to return every few months for a check-up. It was the doctor's orders that she went away and enjoyed her Christmas but before leaving the consultation room, Cilla planted a big kiss on the doctor exclaiming "Who needs mistletoe!"

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