Doctor 2979
Occupation Doctor
First appearance 16th October 1989
Number of appearances 1
Played by Graham Colclough

The Doctor examined a bed-ridden Martin Platt when he came down with mumps in 1989. Martin caught the disease from Nicky Tilsley, his girlfriend Gail Tilsley's son, and was laid up at 33 Hammond Road while Gail ran herself ragged looked after both of them. Assuming Gail to be Martin's landlady due to the age difference, the doctor advised her not to move Martin to his parents' house in his condition. Martin's mumps meant he would be unable to give evidence against Alan Bradley in court the next day, so the doctor suggested that Gail inform the parties involved and offered his number if verification was needed. As a crucial witness, Martin's absence from the trial was a factor in the prosecution deciding to go after Alan for assault rather than attempted murder of Rita Fairclough.

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