Doctor (Episode 6210)
Occupation General Practitioner
First appearance 20th January 2006
Number of appearances 1
Played by Iain Pearson

The unnamed Doctor was a General Practitioner based at the Rosamund Street Medical Centre who had a consultation with Rosie Webster and her boyfriend Craig Harris in January 2006.

Surprised that Doctor Turner (whom she had seen earlier in the week) wasn't on duty, Rosie informed the doctor that she wanted to be prescribed the contraceptive pill. The doctor was wary, especially since Rosie was concerned that her parents may be informed and tried to talk the youngsters into waiting another year or so - pointing out the legalities. However, sensing that the headstrong Rosie was not under any pressure from either Craig or her school friends, he reluctantly agreed to prescribe the pill and stated that although he wasn't happy, he'd be even less happy if Rosie were to come into the surgery asking for a pregnancy test.

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