Doctor (Episode 7127)
Occupation Hospital doctor
First appearance 24th July 2009
Number of appearances 1
Played by Sean Wilton

The unnamed Doctor worked at Weatherfield General and was scheduled to perform Ashley Peacock's vasectomy in July 2009.

With the Nurse also present in the clinic, and having clarified the patient's name, full address and date of birth, the doctor explained that although reversible, a vasectomy should be regarded as a "permanent step". Ashley was advised not to drive for twenty-four hours after the operation and compliantly, he signed the disclaimer form.

Once on the operating table, a worried Ashley panicked at the sight of the scalpel and the shiny needle on the syringe filled with local anaesthetic, and hurried back into the waiting room in his hospital gown to a surprised Peter Barlow - who'd accompanied his friend for moral support. With the nurse leaving the operating theatre to go after him, Ashley told them both that he'd changed his mind and couldn't go through with the operation after all.

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