Doctor (Episode 7201)
Occupation Hospital doctor
First appearance 6th November 2009
Number of appearances 1
Played by Natasha Symms

The unnamed Doctor was amongst the medical team at Weatherfield General who was involved in Tony Gordon's medical care following the heart attack he suffered at the end of October 2009. After just one week and having made a good recovery thus far, the doctor informed Tony that he was ready to be discharged but stated that he would need to return in a week's time for a review.

Although concerned that it was a bit too soon to leave hospital, Tony was delighted in the knowledge that he would be able to see fiancée Maria Connor and baby Liam, and confirmed that Maria would be around to look after him whilst he was still convalescing. The doctor - pleased with his progress - advised him to take it easy and recommended that he didn't attend any fireworks parties that evening.

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