Doctor (Episode 7253)
Occupation General Practitioner
First appearance 15th January 2010
Number of appearances 1
Played by Josephine Lloyd-Welcome

The unnamed Doctor was called out to 7 Meadow View, Bramhall - the home of Sunita Alahan in January 2010 when it was feared that daughter Asha had contracted meningitis. Upon examination it was evident that the child was feverish, running a temperature and presented with a small rash.

By establishing that the rash faded under the pressure of an empty glass tumbler, the doctor was happy that Asha only presented with the symptoms of a viral infection and advised that she was to be given plenty of fluids alongside regular doses of paracetamol and to gradually re-introduce food. Having stated that should the child's condition worsen, she would willingly come back, she also told the anxious parents that they had done the right thing by calling her out in the first instance.

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