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Occupation Hospital doctor
First appearance 11th March 2011
Number of appearances 1
Played by Julia Sandiford

The unnamed Doctor based at Weatherfield General was on duty when Sophie Webster had been rushed in by ambulance after accidentally falling from the roof of Weatherfield Fellowship Church in March 2011.

The doctor explained to distraught parents Kevin and Sally that Sophie had been taken for spinal X-rays and a CT scan of her head to check for a brain haemorrhage, but would know more once the results had been collated. However Sally managed to calm a frustrated Kevin somewhat after asking the doctor if they could see someone "more senior".

The doctor later returned with the news that Sophie had been lucky escaping major injuries although she had a broken rib, fractured wrist and concussion, telling Kevin that the family could go in to the Intensive Care Unit to see her, although she needed to rest and would be kept in hospital overnight for observation.

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