The unnamed Doctor was responsible for the care of Kevin Webster when he was admitted to Weatherfield General in May 2011 following an accident at Websters' Auto Centre.

Business partner Tyrone Dobbs was irked when Kevin took delivery of a hydraulic lift during the previous day and attacked the machinery in a fit of anger, but failed to notice that hydraulic fluid had begun leaking from a cable. As Kevin worked on a vehicle up on the ramps, he got the bottom of his overalls caught in the machinery but as he powered up the equipment to free himself, the hydraulics malfunctioned and he was ultimately crushed by the vehicle above him.

Having been taken to the hospital by paramedics, the Doctor confirmed that Kevin had suffered a broken collarbone and advised the Websters that he had been very lucky. Initially concerned that her patient was the sole carer of a small child, the Doctor was satisfied when Kevin's ex-wife Sally agreed to look after baby Jack and even allow temporary house-room to Kevin while he convalesced.

Tyrone later confessed to friend and co-worker Tommy Duckworth that he had broken the lift, but never intended to hurt Kevin.