Doctor (Episode 7704)
Occupation Hospital doctor
First appearance 30th September 2011
Number of appearances 1
Played by Amanda Hennessy

Following Bill Webster's collapse from a suspected heart attack in September 2011, he was rushed to Weatherfield General to undergo treatment.

Fiancée Pam Hobsworth blamed Kevin for his father's health problems; citing that Bill's recent diagnosis of high blood pressure was due to the stress that Kevin's philandering ways had ultimately put on the family. While waiting for news at the hospital, the unnamed Doctor interrupted their next round of bickering to update them on his condition.

She confirmed that Bill had indeed suffered a heart attack, but he was stable and responding well to treatment. The doctor proceeded to lead Pam, Kevin and Sally to the ward which he'd been transferred to in order to recuperate.

The character was uncredited on-screen, despite being a speaking role.

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