Doctor 8040
First appearance 14th January 2013
Number of appearances 1
Played by Beatrice Comins

The Doctor worked at The Sampson Health Clinic where Kylie Platt went for an abortion in January 2013. Kylie had had a fling with brother-in-law Nick Tilsley on Christmas Day and she was petrified that the baby was his. Behind husband David’s back, she went to the clinic for a termination but in the meantime, David, unaware of events, found the pregnancy testing kit showing the positive result and shared his joy with grandmother Audrey Roberts. Eva Price was in the salon at the time and, knowing full well what Kylie was up to and feeling that she was making the wrong decision, let slip to David where his wife was.

He rushed round there but the receptionist refused to give him details. Catching sight of Kylie, he brushed past her to plead with his wife but the Doctor stepped in and ordered the receptionist to escort him out, which she duly did. The Doctor then told a tearful Kylie to take some time to think about her decision if she wanted to. In the event, David’s pleas changed Kylie’s mind.

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