Doctor (Episode 7044)
Occupation Hospital doctor
First appearance 30th March 2009
Last appearance 3rd April 2009
Number of appearances 2
Played by Kim Vithana

The unnamed Doctor was on duty at Weatherfield General in March 2009 on the night of the fire at 9a Rosamund Street, when father and son Peter and Simon Barlow were rushed into hospital suffering smoke inhalation. In a drunken state, Peter had fallen asleep and his lit cigarette dropped on the carpet, which smouldered before a large fire broke out at the flat.

Overseeing the child's care in the Paediatric ward, the doctor explained to Peter that Simon was a poorly little boy - the smoke caused his trachea to swell and he had been put on a ventilator as he was unable to breathe unaided. With Simon now in a stable condition, the doctor advised that she would check on him again in the morning.

When she next did her rounds and liased with the nursing staff, it was found that Simon was making satisfactory progress and, if test results permitted, he would be taken off the ventilator that day. The doctor reminded Peter that as a patient himself, he also needed to get some rest.

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