Doctor Bannerjee
Doctor Bannerjee
Occupation Psychiatrist
First appearance 15th September 2006
Last appearance 17th September 2006
Number of appearances 2
Played by Kim Vithana

Doctor Bannerjee was a Psychiatrist based at Weatherfield General who assessed Claire Peacock in September 2006 after she had been exhibiting signs of mental illness. Earlier in the week, Claire had returned her newborn baby Thomas to the hospital's maternity unit insisting that there had been a "mix-up" and she had gone home with the wrong baby. Social Worker Delia Spencer and Doctor Turner from the Medical Centre had visited Claire the previous day and prescribed her anti-depressants but she refused to take the medication and while out for a walk with husband Ashley and the baby, pushed the pram out of frustration - into the path of an oncoming car.

At his wits' end, Ashley got back in touch with the doctor who insisted that he took her to the hospital where a mental heath team were ready and waiting for her upon arrival. Angered by her husband's betrayal, Claire spoke at length to Doctor Bannerjee and finally admitted that Thomas was her child but didn't feel any love for him.

The doctor later explained to Ashley how Claire was suffering from severe postnatal depression and, because she had shown signs of endangering a child would be sectioned under the Mental Health Act. Ashley was guilt-ridden when, after assuming his wife could be discharged after being in the unit overnight, was told that the current section order was limited to twenty-eight days. However, the doctor stated that the situation could be reviewed after a fortnight with a course of anti-depressants.

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