When Maria Connor's state of mind worsened with the knowledge that Tony Gordon killed her late-husband Liam, concerned friends Audrey Roberts and Fiz Brown thought it best for Maria to see a doctor.

Audrey went to the Medical Centre and asked her daughter Gail Platt, who worked at the centre on the reception desk, if she could try and get a doctor to help Maria. Gail phoned through to Doctor Mogra stating that it was to deal with an emergency psychiatric case. Although the doctor was with a patient at that time, he called out to 7 Coronation Street to visit Maria and seeing that she was overwrought, suggested he prescribe some sedatives. Maria went on to inform Audrey and the doctor that she had proof that Tony had killed Liam. On seeing that nobody believed her, she asked them both to leave. The doctor told Maria that if she changed her mind to make an appointment and that perhaps she could be booked in for some cognative therapy.