Doctor Patel
Doctor Patel
Occupation Doctor
First appearance 12th July 2004
Last appearance 10th August 2009
Number of appearances 5
Played by Josephine Lloyd-Welcome

Sunita Parekh was somewhat relieved in July 2004 when she discovered that she wasn’t pregnant with Danny Baldwin’s baby as she had thought she was, although she was puzzled by her continuing dizzy spells. Employer Dev Alahan was alarmed when she passed out in the Corner Shop and insisted she get medical treatment. The first appointment with a doctor confirmed that lack of pregnancy but was unable to explain her condition. She was sent for blood tests and Dev accompanied her when she went back to obtain the results from Doctor Patel. She told Sunita that there was nothing wrong with the blood however she wanted her to see an endocrinologist as something else, unspecified, was possibly revealed during the tests. Dev pushed for more information and was told that this specialist would be able to look into Sunita’s hormone levels but it would be a couple of months before an appointment could be made. Dev insisted that they would be going private. Two things occurred because of these tests: Sunita found out she would need an operation to remove a brain tumour and Dav’s fiancé Maya Sharma became convinced that Dev carried a torch for his employee and her jealousy drove the two of them apart while bringing Sunita and Dev together, after which Maya lost her reason and began a campaign against the two which would lead to her attempting to murder them.

'To be completed.

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