Doctor Turner was a General Practitioner based at the Rosamund Street Medical Centre. The doctor had a consulatation with Sally Webster and her daughter Rosie in January 2006 immediately after Sally learned that Rosie and her boyfriend Craig Harris had been sleeping together.

Rosie was frogmarched to the Medical Centre, and once inside the surgery, a furious Sally - who answered all of the doctor's questions on her daughter's behalf - demanded that he should prescribe the morning-after pill, despite a visibly upset and embarrassed Rosie confirming that she and Craig had been practising safe sex. Doctor Turner was more willing to discuss the matter of contraception as a whole, as opposed to prescribing unnecessary medication - in his opinion - "as a form of punishment". Sally accused the doctor of condoning underage sex, threatened that she would obtain the morning-after pill elsewhere and promptly ushered Rosie out of the room.

In September of the same year he visited with Claire Peacock at 4 Coronation Street. On his arrival, Social Worker Delia Spencer was just leaving the house after speaking with Claire's husband Ashley, who had sought professional help after she was refusing to believe that her newborn baby Thomas was indeed her child.

The doctor spoke at length to Claire and after establishing that she was suffering from postnatal depression, he prescribed anti-depressants. While out getting her prescription later that day, Claire pushed the baby's pram out of frustration - into the path of an oncoming car.

Concerned with his wife's actions coupled with the fact that she refused to take her medication, Ashley spoke with the doctor again the next day. He insisted that Ashley should get her to Weatherfield General for a psychiatric assessment.

Credited as "Doctor", the character's surname was given in dialogue on Episode 6210.

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