Dog Walker
Dog Walker
First appearance 1st July 2009
Last appearance 3rd July 2009
Number of appearances 2
Played by Lorraine Sass

The Dog Walker was out on Ainsdale Beach in July 2009 where she encountered Tony Gordon, Maria Connor and dog Ozzy. With her baby already overdue, and unsuccessfully trying different ways to bring on labour, Maria wanted to go out for a long walk and make a day of it. Tony was chasing after Ozzy at the water's edge when the woman commented that Maria and her "husband" had their hands full with such a lively dog.

A short while later, Maria began to have strong contractions and realising that she wouldn't be able to make it to the car, Tony called for an ambulance but the baby was born in a rundown shack on the sand dunes prior to the ambulance arriving.

The woman told Tony that she had been worried when she'd heard the sirens, praised him for doing a wonderful job on delivering the baby and offered to look after Ozzy whilst he accompanied Maria to Weatherfield General. Explaining that she had a big garden and her dog Max would enjoy the company, she gave Tony her telephone number and told him to congratulate his "wife" for her.

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