Dominic was the croupier at The Sunset Casino which Carla Connor frequented when she began a gambling addiction in 2015. She was a frequent enough visitor for Dominic to know her by name.

Carla was back in the casino a few days later playing Blackjack. At first the cards went well for her and she bet all of her chips on a third card which gave her a total of 20. As an admiring crowd gathered round her table, she again bet all of her chips. Dominic asked her if she was sure and she replied with a smile that she wasn't, but that was half the fun. As Dominic turned the cards, she went bust with a 9, a 6 and a jack. Dominic sympathised with her loss, telling her she was unlucky.

Carla went off for a fortnight's gambling binge in Las Vegas but when she returned Nick Tilsley was concerned about her and made her take him to her mysterious destination: the casino. When Dominic greeted her by name, Nick made a sarcastic comment that it reminded him of the Cheers bar - "where everyone knows your name". This time, Dominic ran one of the roulette tables where Carla won £2,000 which was small recompense for the small fortune she'd lost in the past few weeks.

Carla went back to the casino in January 2016 for more theraputic relief when trying to deal with the fact that she had just discovered that Johnny Connor was her natural father. This time she limited herself to a loss of £100 on Dominic's table but she was joined by Robert Preston who was himself dealing with the fact that he had been betrayed by Tracy Barlow who had declared her love for convicted murderer Rob Donovan. Robert won big on the roulette wheel and the two celebrated with champagne and, somewhat drunk and mentally in a confused place, ended up in bed together in a room in the hotel to which the casino was attached.

The character was uncredited for his first appearance.

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