Dominic Saul
Dominic Saul
First appearance 21st November 2014
Last appearance 28th November 2014
Number of appearances 3
Played by Adam Astill

Dominic Saul was a friend of Dev Alahan. In November 2014, he held a birthday party which Dev and Julie Carp attended. Dominic arranged a date with Julie at Just Nick's. Dev got jealous and told him that Julie was man-mad and kept nine cats in her flat in an effort to put him off. Dominic was undetered and on their date gave a puzzled Julie a cat keyring. They discussed what Dev had told each other and realised that he had lied. Julie confronted Dev and he explained he was jealous and had feelings for her. Dominic settled the bill at the bistro and watched them kissing on his way out.

List of appearancesEdit


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